Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association, Networking Conference Recap

-- Submitted by sitting IMR President Ken Rodonets

The 2014 Vancouver Island Spine Trail Network Conference was held on May 31st. in Royston at the Kingfisher Inn.

 The day started at 8:30 am with an introduction by Andrew Pape-Salmon for the first half hour.  Keynote Addresses were made by Philip Stone ( Vancouver Island Adventurer and guidebook author)  and Trisha Kaplan ( Trail Development Manager, Western & Northern Canada, Trans Canada Trail )  Both talked about trails and showed slides.

10:30 am Success Stories

Reports (speeches) were made by:

 11:30 am Workshops

 There were 2 workshops to choose from. I sat in the Private Land Issues.

After Lunch... More Workshops

We carried on with another workshop. I picked out the Land Issues : Public Focus. Our speakers for this were:

3 pm Guest Speakers

We had 2 other guest speaker talking about the Partnerships and Development : Tying together social, community and economic success.

4 pm, the Closing Remarks

All agreed that  it was a great day to “network” with everyone. Questions were: What is next ? What do you want out of today ? What can we do ? Further discussion necessary. How ?  How to stay best informed ?  We need some form of information, Divying up some of the roles/effort.   Rep. from each group to be on VITN ?   Straight facts on the web site.

Future Plans:

All in all it was a great weekend. To bad that I had to sit inside on the Sat.! That is it for now, from your President Ken R.

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